Gamescom 2019 (3D interior visualization)

Want to have a peek at the latest quality Croatian games? Check The Red Solstice 2, All Aboard, Unity of Command II, Bear With Me, Starpoint Gemini 3, Phageborn, Serious Sam 4, The Talos Principle, SCUM i Gas Guzzlers Extreme on the Gamescom 2019! We have designed a fair stand using our Hyperviz technology. Game on! :)

Big Data Crunching (science)

Hyperviz in science: just when rendering speed is no longer a bottleneck, we introduced a new one - "big data crunching"! In cooperation with the Department of Informatics (University of Rijeka), as a part of the project of Associate Professor Marina Ivašić-Kos, and with assistance of colleague Matija Burić, we are using our expert knowledge of interactive 3D computer graphics to develop a method for generating large-scale image data sets. Oh my, it's effective!

The Girl from Cherry Valley (interactive 3D music video)

Jas Frank & The Intoits is a music project based in Croatia. Their sound is direct and and intuitive, going for a very spontaneous and creative approach. The song "The Girl from Cherry Valley" announces the release of the first album. We sprang to life the cherry valley in an interactive 3D music video you can download for Mac and Windows. If you don't have a powerful enough GPU, look at an "old-school" YouTube edition.

Gamescom 2018 (3D interior visualization)

Gamescom 2018 is the world's largest event for computer and video games: more than 900 companies from the computer and video games industry will present their new products in Cologne from 21st to 25th of August. We used indoor promo-counters and elements from the Croatian company FED to design a fair stand for the Croatian Game Developers Association using our Hyperviz technology. Panem et circenses! :)

The Golden Coast of Croatia (3D area visualization)

The deep bays of the island of Pag offer numerous opportunities for the development of elite tourism through the construction of luxurious closed-type coastal resorts with complex of villas, marinas and complementary facilities. The worldwide trend to build seaside settlements where most properties come with their own berth is very popular among boat owners. Taking the best of similar projects in the world and placing it in historically and culturally rich Adriatic context, it is possible to set a new level of excellence that will become a global measure of touristic offer quality. Using our Hyperviz technology we have produced a 3D visualization of the conceptual design of this megaproject.

Autoclub Rijeka complex (3D exterior visualization)

In collaboration with the Urban Jungle 2 development team we have hypervized the future location of the new Autoclub Rijeka complex. Parts of the visualization will be publicly available as a vehicle testing ground in the Urban Jungle 2 project.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope - InfoGamer 2016 (3D interior visualization)

At Reboot InfoGamer in Zagreb, one of the biggest games shows in Europe, Croteam will present "Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope" in mixed reality! We have designed their fair stand using our Hyperviz technology. Visit their booth and play the game with the actual replica of the Minigun used in Serious Sam!

Gamescom 2016 (3D interior visualization)

Gamescom is the world's largest event for computer and video games: more than 800 companies from the computer and video games industry will present their new products in Cologne from 17 August onwards. We have designed a fair stand for the Croatian Game Developers Association using our Hyperviz technology.

HyProCure (3D medical visualization)

Orthopedic surgeons Ernest Irha and Domagoj Perković use new approach in the surgical treatment of hallux valgus deformity. For the presentation, we have created a specialized interactive visualization of this surgical procedure.

MG Servis fair stand (3D interior visualization)

For more than 40 years experts of MG Servis offer theoretical and practical experience in the field of power plants problem-solving. They have simulated functionality and arrangement of their exhibition space for the Power & Energy Africa 2016 fair in Tanzania. It’s better to be sure with every detail when you exhibit so far from home.

Croatian Radiotelevision Center in Zagreb (3D exterior visualization)

ELIS Engineering Ltd has designed the new illumination solution for Croatian Radiotelevision Center in Zagreb. Using intelligently managed LED luminaries energy-reduction goals have been achieved while bringing visitors and employees enough light to feel welcome and comfortable. We have made an interactive visualization to simulate diverse illumination options.

Fibra Interliber fair stand (3D interior visualization)

Fibra is renowned for high quality comics. As one of exhibitors on the International Book and Teaching appliances Fair Interliber in Zagreb, they simulated their booth using our Hyperviz technology. That way the space can be designed and all elements could be rearranged as many times as needed. Now clients have flexibility throughout the process and they go to a printshop only when completely happy with the setup!

Grobnik Sport Center (3D area visualization)

Automotodrom Grobnik is the right place for adrenaline lovers. Racing enthusiasts will be thrilled with numerous national and international races of motorcycles and cars in different classes that Grobnik circuit offers. Racing sports in Kvarner region have long tradition as far as beginning of last century. The new Grobnik Sport Center will be a multi-purpose zone that includes service stations, advanced driving school, hotels, medical center, airport, heliport and more. Using our Hyperviz technology we have produced a promotional video of the "Grobnik beauty" and at a later date a complete interactive model will be available.

Stadium Kantrida (3D conceptual design)

Stadium Kantrida is an unique sports arena in Rijeka, Croatia, which is surrounded by the sea shore and high cliffs. The one hundred years of sport tradition will be celebrated with a construction of The New Stadium Kantrida. The stadium is seen as a meeting point not only on the day of the game, but seven days in a week; a place to be, with a variety of services. Using our Hyperviz technology we have produced an interactive 3D visualization of the conceptual design of the future beauty and pride in the Kvarner Bay.

Platak touristic and recreational area (3D area visualization)

We have made a 3D visualization of 4200 ha touristic and recreational area at Platak, a popular resort nearby city of Rijeka in Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia. Although the hyperviz project is completed, the online demo will be available as soon as the project goes officially public.

Marišćina Waste Management Centre (3D area visualization)

Hyperviz is a great way to visualize an area for industrial, urban or touristic purpose. The County Waste Management Centre Marišćina is a project that represents a central part of the integral waste management system in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar County. The system will include the centre, the plant for mechanical and biological treatment of unsorted utility waste and transporting stations on nearby islands.

ENEC HPS (functional 3D prototype visualization)

Hyperviz can be used to create virtual, functional prototypes for engineers and investors. ENEC HPS is short for Enes Ecology Hydro Power System - an innovation in clean energy based on the patent IP-06818/09-07RS. It's a small but super-efficient hydroelectric power plant that minimizes energy cost and impact on the environment. Cylindrical lever turbine propels free-flow power plants. Kinetic energy of the horizontal flowing water has been transferred by blades through cylinders to the crankshaft, which propels the SC (Superconducting) Generator to generate electricity. The whole installation is adaptable to the water level in the real-time.

Light Rooms (3D interior visualization)

Enjoy the stunning view from one of the Manhattan's luxury penthouses. This apartment boasts a spacious sleeping room and a fantastic living room complete with entertainment center, sophisticated fittings and cherry wood floors. In this hyperviz we take the interactive part to a whole new level as you are able to simulate illumination in every possible combination, including day and night. Try out other interactive features as well - opening the shades, changing TV channels, playing CDs, making a phone call or adjusting the reading lamp! Of course, it's all done in real time!

House of Arts in Opatija (3D exterior visualization)

The conceptual design of the House of Arts in Opatija. The building was designed by APG Engineering project office in Zagreb. This interactive visualization allows you to tour the building from every angle and see the interior of a multi-purpose hall. Future releases will allow to take a peek into every corner of the building and to see how the builiding blend with the surroundings.

Interio (3D design presentation)

The Interio design studio offers a complete range of interior and exterior design services for commercial and residential spaces. Their designers deliver turnkey packages and provide entire project management, from an idea to installation. Also, they have been designing furniture and accessories to complement the interior design. The great way to present their design is by using interactivity of hyperviz presentation.

Putokazi (interactive 3D music video)

"Šumska" is the first Croatian interactive music video! Thanks to our Hyperviz technology, we have created a richer and personalized experience for viewers, in which they immerse into the magical world of Putokazi where the stories of past, present and future blend. Dare to take a part in this unique tale and meditative experience!

Victor Vasarely (interactive 3D gallery)

Victor Vasarely was a distinguished, world renowned contemporary painter. He was a pioneer of op art best known for geometric abstraction in which permutations of forms and colors are cut out and rearranged to create visual “disorientation”.

Hypervized Kortil Gallery in Rijeka, Croatia allows you to enjoy Vasarely’s artwork from the recent exhibit at your own time and pace. And this exhibit will never close!

Peek&Poke (interactive 3D museum)

PEEK&POKE opened its door on September 22, 2007 and became the biggest computer museum in Southern Europe. Located in downtown Rijeka, Croatia, it spreads across 300 square meters. If you would like to see some impressive “vintage” computing technology, you are at the right place! PEEK&POKE has over 1000 items, ranging from rare computers from the 90s to very early calculators and game consoles.

Thanks to advanced Hyperviz technology, parts of PEEK&POKE are available for interactive walk-through. In the near future, the whole museum will be “Hypervized” and packed with computers and calculators just as the real PEEK&POKE museum. Hot coffee inside. Just don’t break the mugs!

Industrial plant demo (educational and safety 3D simulation)

On a lot of 110 x 70 m2 there is an industrial hall size 53 x 11.7 m. There are three reservoirs with technical gases of 1000 m3 each on the right side of the hall. The equipment in the hall is connected with the reservoirs by metal tubes. They have a common safety valve outside. In case of the gas leaking in the hall, it is possible to stop the flow of the gas by turning the safety valve outside.

Urban Jungle (large scale 3D visualization)

Educational traffic simulator aimed at kids in schools and all others that are about to drive a car. The game is free of violence and distributed as freeware in Croatia. It is financed via the advergaming concept and with the help of government institutions. The game also promotes human welfare by giving space to the United Nations organizations UNICEF and UNODC for their campaigns. The game takes place in a virtual copy of the city center of the real city of Rijeka, the third largest city in Croatia. Croatian language and Windows version only.